what does it take for you to grow and feel more alive every day?

if we want something in life it’s on us to take a step forward and to generate it.

the more we train ourselves to do so the better we become at it, the more alive we feel

only you have the answers to your true calling and to the potential which lies inside you - as your certified high performance coach i have the process to get you there.


„The reassurance that it’s all in my hands and how you readjusted my focus on what truly moves me forward made the biggest difference to me. It empowered me, gave me an extra push and made me feel accountable to finally move through.“

„Your capacity of listening and then guiding me... I think for real success in anything you have to find that simplicity again. You made me realize that it’s about asking the right questions to get to the right answers.“

„We knew each other beforehand through film production projects... if it wouldn’t have been for you I would have never been open to coaching because I believed that you don’t need anybody to be at your best. Guess what? I was wrong.. I didn't just reach temporary goals faster, the coaching actually brought what I would consider as my standards to a whole other level.“


Frequently asked questions

As coaching is still unknown to many I have tried to provide more extensive explanations in these FAQ. Most clients argue that you don't really grasp the value of coaching until you have tried it and I agree with that, which is also a reason why I provide a complimentary session. However, in case ou are new to coaching I hope the information below will serve you in getting a better understanding of coaching in general as well as to what makes high performance coaching different to most coaching programs.


What is coaching in general and who needs it?

Being the new profession that coaching still is it a lot of people are still confused about how it works and what kind of person would want to get coached. I often explain coaching with the example of how all the top athletes of the world who are already amazing at what they do strive to get to another level and so they all work with a coach to bring them there. In business the top managers and CEO's do the same to make them more effective (watch for example a 40second YouTube clip of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt called “Everyone needs a coach”). Now imagine you can just to do the same for you whether in business, for your fitness or your life. There is all kinds of coaching. People who try professional coaching for the first time usually tell me that it’s different then what they had expected and that it feels very refreshing to find their own answers as most of us are raised from school systems and working for companies where it’s all about being told what to do and what to think. Coaching gives you that freedom to trust and build up on your own voice, to bring that inner voice out into the real world. Every part of the process is about empowering you. Just think of the power of books or of watching a great documentary that really gives you perspective or insides on something that is important to you. And if you ever been to a great seminar you can already tell how the impact there was even more personal and therefore even more powerful. As much as I enjoy books and seminars they are still triggered toward many people at once. Now imagine somebody working specifically with you and on giving you perspective on everything that is most important to you right now in life to move you forward towards your best self. Bringing out the insides you need to bring your career to the next level, to have your relationships improve, to generate more energy and joy in life, to find more clarity and purpose, to find the tools for productivity that work best specifically just for you and contributing to the world in ways only you can do, that is the power of coaching. It’s somebody believing in you, truly listening to you and then understanding what questions to ask that trigger for you to find the right answers to create the changes you desire.

So in other words, in contrary to consulting where it's about a professional giving you advice, in coaching you get a professional to give you perspective and to get you constantly to higher levels by strategically asking the right questions. This results in fully individualized guidance. It empowers the client and allows them to take on full ownership over their actions which further strengthens the motivation to actually follow through above and beyond. The results speak for themselves; again from athletes, to top managers, to celebrities working with coaches today to the top corporations in the world integrating the coaching approach now into their top management for higher success. The truth is we can all need a coach to live a higher quality life. In today's world with it's endless opportunities and distractions this is more true now than ever. What makes coaching so powerful is that it is more than temporary solutions in problem solving, it is one of the most acceptable skills for self-awareness and human growth. Today we want more than monetary success in order to start living life at age 65 and hoping to make it there before having a heart-attack. We want to live life now- fully, energetically and joyfully, while taking care of tomorrow. We want to make a difference with our lives and contribute to the lives of our loved one's and other beings in this world. We have to understand that our life quality and the way we feel about life is about way more than just our genes and upbringing. It is in our hands to generate more energy, more courage, more happiness in our lives. Coaching gets you to do that. It naturally pushes you from the inside out to bring out the best in you. We all want more in some way. Coaching gets you to living out your potential so you can make that unique difference that only you have to offer. This makes coaching helpful to anybody but is often particularly of interest to leaders, self-employed individuals, artists, managers, people with unconventional lives and schedules, with high responsibilities, high goals or high demands of themselves as well as the quality of their lives. Many start with coaching because they want to achieve a specific goal or change in life and they stay in coaching because it provided them with a higher quality life.


What is certified high performance coaching?

Certified High Performance Coaching is the most effective coaching program in the world with a focus on an individual's performance. As one of worldwide only 300 certified high performance coaches I will lead you through a 12 session program that trains you on mastering your psychology, physiology, energy, courage, productivity, persuasion and that will put you on a mission based on your purpose. While every session includes the best tools and insides from those areas the biggest breakthroughs will come from it's set up for masterful coaching to bring out your own unique insides to achieve the highest results in all of those areas of your life. The beauty of it is that it's all purpose-driven, that's why life starts feeling so amazing when you are getting into the mastery of Certified High Performance Coaching and you start living life on the next level.


What does a coaching session with you look like and how many do I need?

Our coaching sessions will generally be held by phone one-on-one usually through Skype. This not only eliminates losing time for commute but also allows for the freedom to connect for sessions online while moving all over the world as it often is the case for my clients, as well as for myself. All you need is a good internet connection and we are good to go.

The sessions are held in a relaxed manner. I can honestly say that coaches in general (at least all the authentic one's) are good-hearted, compassionate, positive people with a high level of emotional intelligence who love what they do. You can expect to have a great time in the sessions and to be fully vibrant in them. My clients are always enthusiastic about each session. Having a positive, creative environment is the base for productivity. It is my responsibility as the coach to know where we are at what point of the session and where we need to get by the end of it to assure maximum results. You will leave our sessions energized and motivated, with a sense of clarity and accomplishment.

The length of each session is generally 60minutes but can be adjusted if needed for specific reasons. The frequency depends on your current goals and needs as well as of our schedules. Most clients prefer to have a session once per week. Each session is targeted towards a specific high performance goal yet is always customized for the clients‘ maximum impact.

After our session I always follow up with an email in which I summarize the most important parts of the session, things to remember and focus on.

How many sessions depends entirely on you. Many clients like to do a 3 months high performance program of 12 weekly sessions to really get themselves onto a mastery level of high performance. From there some stay on a weekly schedule or switch to by-weekly or monthly sessions. Many clients start originally with a goal in mind but stay with high performance coaching after having reached that goal having experienced higher quality living through coaching.


In what languages can i get coached?

Most of my sessions I hold in English or German, which are my strongest languages. But I also have clients that prefer to have our sessions in Spanish which works too if that‘s more comfortable for you to clearly communicate. All written communication as part of your sessions can also be in either language to assure that no language barrier is holding you back from reaching your goal most effectively.


What are you trained in? What's your expertise?

Originally, my focus in coaching was strictly on coaching entrepreneurs, artists and globetrotters in the pursuit of their careers and dream lifestyles. This made sense due to my background, it's the niche and lifestyle I know most about. Then I learned about Certified High Performance Coaching and was so blown away by it that I focused my studies during various months on it's mastery and got myself certified as a High Performance Coach. This is the most effective coaching program I have learned about at least in the area of my interest (which is high performance based on passion and purpose) and so I now broadened my clientele to high performers in general as this concept can be used for people from all kinds of professional backgrounds and lifestyles.

I have in-depth training in the areas of productivity, psychology (with a focus on positive psychology and social psychology), physiology, leadership skills and a special personal interest in the power of focus and habits. As a certified high performance coach the training never stops and I am constantly being trained in the 6 main areas of high performance coaching, which are psychology, physiology, energy, courage, productivity and persuasion.

You can only be a great coach if you are always interested in continuous learning and growing yourself. As coach you are a constant student, eager to learn and willing to question the status quo. I consistently train myself to the newest tools and insides through books, courses, discussions with other coaches as well as seminars from the top coaches in the world.

However, even with all the training, the most important part I learned once I became a coach was learning to shut up and truly listen, that‘s how I can make all those learned skill sets most valuable for you as a client.


How do I know whether you are the right coach and whether this is the right coaching program for me?

That‘s what the complimentary session is for. Coaching starts on a personal level- with the human connection between coach and coachee (the client). A great coach must be a well-trained listener with a high level of emotional intelligence. You have to trust that I am capable of being your coach and that I know what I am doing. It's my responsibility to earn that trust. Certified High Performance Coaching is not for everybody. It takes a certain kind of person, a certain mindset. It is for advanced performers and you will have to be committed to putting in the work. But if you do, you will move yourself to levels beyond your expectations.

Keep in mind that the complimentary session is not only about you deciding whether you want to work with me but also gives me an opportunity to see if you are a good fit to be my client. I coach because I love working with great individuals who have the intention of having a positive impact on this world and I will not hesitate to reject a client based on ethical grounds.

While our relationship is built on mutual respect we also want to let go of our ego‘s and not take ourselves too seriously as it makes it much easier when approaching obstacles. I learn from my clients as much as they learn from me. You will see that humility while striving for greatness is an integral part of coaching. I am a very action oriented person and the focus will always be on getting the greatest impact towards your goal. In High Performance Coaching each session is targeted at a different area of high performance to bring you constantly to your next level.


Is it worth the money to get coached?

Quality coaching is worth the money to the kind of people who are willing to invest in themselves, who are dedicated to their personal growth and who strive to follow and living their dreams even when things are not easy. It's for people who enjoy taking ownership of their own lives. If you see yourself more as a leader than a follower, more as a creator rather than just a consumer, coaching will be worth it even many times more to you. The more independent you are and the more responsibility you have in life the more important it is to work with a coach.

High Performance Coaching is a personal- as well as a business investment. It changes the way you feel on a daily basis. Imagine feeling more energized every day. Imagine having better relationships and more influence with your loved ones, your clients and your business partners. Imagine tackling your dreams with more courage than ever. It will affect all areas of your life. It is about enabling a higher quality life and even though you will feel immediate benefits it's an investment that will pay off for you even more in the long run.

According to a survey of thousands of CHPC clients Certified High Performance Coaching has been rated a staggering 9.3 out of 10 satisfaction level across a 12 week session program. Those are impressive numbers but if you have never tried coaching before and are not sure if it's worth it the best way to know is to simply try a complimentary session for yourself. Also there is many types of coaching and many coaches, so find out whether High Performance Coaching and me as your coach is the right fit for you. Then you can make up your mind from your own experience and if you are convinced we can discuss your specific needs to find the right package that would work best for you to make it your money's worth and get started.


How do I get started?

Simply click on the button below to fill out the form with your name and email as your first step to high performance training. I will then send you a high performance questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire is your first freebie, a beautiful exercise for you to learn more about your goals, dreams and obstacles. To me this will be the first step to see whether you are committed and if you qualify for high performance coaching. After you sent this back to me I will verify it and if you qualify you will receive a high performance strategy session at no cost. In this free session you get to experience the power of high performance coaching as well as first high performance tools such as how to gain more clarity and purpose on a daily basis. And from there we will both decide whether we would like to start working together to enroll you into high performance coaching.