About Life

The world around us constantly tries to stereotype us into boxes of who we are supposed to be and the things we therefore should or shouldn’t be doing. What's worse we even do this to ourselves. As human beings, we are way too sophisticated and versatile to fit into any of those boxes and we suffer when we try to limit ourselves to them. It’s our job to break those boxes, to free ourselves from labels and expectations that don't serve us anymore and instead to start trusting our feelings and finding our own truths. You can be a hardcore metal artist who screams into the mic at the top of their lung one night and give a seminar on vegan food the next day. Yes, this can be the same authentic and passionate human being living out their dream and standing up courageously for what he or she believes in. That’s freedom.

You can live out your own passions and do so successfully and full-heartedly when you are in sync with yourself. It’s when you have clarity about who you are and the confidence to show up accordingly. It’s when one takes the courage to not only be honest to oneself but also to be carrying it out authentically into this world and to turn passion, feelings and thoughts into actions. That’s why I love coaching. Coaching enables a human being to consistently find and grow into their best self, find their truth and make those courageous decisions based on their purpose to live a life most people only dream about. It’s not always easy but it’s so well worth it to live what I consider true success; a life in which you are excited about what you will tackle today while each day is progressing you towards a bigger vision or even mission of your life.

That was not at all how I started my adult life. Coming originally from Zurich, Switzerland I started working in the corporate world making great money spending my days in front of a desk working on things I couldn’t have cared less about. I remember how I hated the 9-5 life, how I disliked getting up in the morning, how I couldn’t wait for the clock to finally hit 5.30pm or for the week to finally get to Friday. Life just felt dull most of the time. Perhaps you been there too, it sucks. What shocks me the most about it is that back then I never even questioned it. It’s what everybody around me was doing, so I accepted that this was just the way life was supposed to be for us "regular people".

I remember leaving Switzerland to study for 9 months in Australia; living by the beach, surfing and exploring new things. Really for the first time not living for the weekend anymore but for the day. Each and every single day felt like a blessing. Life felt like a dream during those 9 months. When I came back to Switzerland I took on another corporate job. Back to "reality", right? But it just didn’t make any sense anymore. Why should I be here doing something simply for the sake of making money so I could enjoy the hours around my working life? Wasn't I spending the majority of my life in my working life? Then do things that look good on my resume so I can get a higher paying job that I'd hate just as much? Then play that game until I am 65 and start living life then? What sane reason could I possibly have for doing so? Why not make that dream life my real life for the rest of my life?  I wanted to explore the world, follow my creative passions and make a difference. When I lie on my death bed one day I want to look back and say "What an amazing ride was that! I wouldn't want it any other way, I was living a magical life. I tried and many times I failed, I loved and many times I had pain but I gave it my all and truly lived my life". Yes!

When I made the decision to live that dream life it was the first time that I consciously focused on my personal self growth, on learning about myself, who I was and who I wanted to become. What would the future me in my dream life be like? What would he do? How would he live his life, spend his days? What skills would he have? I started reading book after book and started turning theory into practice. I started making my decisions according to what would bring me closer to my dream life, step by step turning my future dream me and my future dream life into my current reality. At that time I didn’t realize how much all of that had to do with coaching, I just knew I wanted to live an amazing life, to explore, create, collaborate and contribute. A deep wish to fight for a better world triggered an interest to study human behavior, as individuals and as a society. Soon I realized how far apart our wants and noble ideas were from our actions. The masses of the so called first world countries are not using the opportunities they have for an amazing life and often as a result of it fall into unfulfilling greed and consumerism. Meanwhile other human beings around the world, as well as animals and nature have been suffering as a result of it. I realized that we need to live our lives more consciously, more purposefully and fulfilled. "Change yourself first if you want to change the world" still holds true. Even today many people still fight what science already has proven by now; everything is energy and we are all connected. That's not being spiritual that's just a fact. This fact proofs that the more we take care of each other and all living beings in this world the better off we are individually as well.

When I learned about coaching I was blown away by it. I loved its approach of believing in the unique gifts and abilities of each individual and how powerful it is to get onto such a different level of clarity and to bring someone's wants and actions into alignment with each other - resulting in purpose-driven actions and high performance. Also I felt that as a coach it trained me to become a better human being by helping others to achieve the same. Coaching is such a positive and independent, leadership environment - there is simply no room for excuses, no room for procrastination or for playing the victim. You take full responsibility for where you are in life so you can move forward, grow, improve and generate what you desire from life.

Wouldn't you agree that life is simply too short to spend your days doing things you don’t really care about? Too short to have mediocre relationships? Too short to give in to fears and to live with excuses as to why you are not doing what you love doing? This world too beautiful not to stand up and fight for it? So I made a decision a long time ago not to be sitting on the bench while others are playing out there. Instead day after day I am one of the passionate players to make a difference out there, sometimes I am even blessed to be the coach of some of them. When you are reading this I hope you have made this decision too, for yourself to be out there giving life your unique best. Otherwise ask yourself what is holding you back and if you had all the courage in the world what would you do about it right now? We need more amazing people making a difference in this world - starting with you, starting today!


Short Bio

Jannick was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. He started out in the corporate world working over 7 years in international insurance corporations. When he left Switzerland to study 9 months in Australia he changed from living for the weekends to living for the day.

The traveling spirit caught him and returning to a 9-5 was as little of an option as working for the sole purpose of making good money. Once he started traveling he quickly went from resort traveler, to hostel traveler, to couchsurfer and became soon somewhat of a world resident having lived on 4 different continents over the last ten years.

Even while still in the corporate world he loved collaborating on projects with musicians and filmmakers. In his mid 20‘s he decided to finally follow his passion and started a new career in film production. He worked three years in Los Angeles and two years in Bogotá doing international productions. He keeps working on a project to project base in both places.

In between film projects he started working with the NGO Greenpeace and learned from there more about his passion for coaching. He bought every book he could find on coaching, started coaching people for free and soon got his first clients by referral. He decided to start his own coaching business and is now working as a certified high performance coach with amazing individuals from around the world who decided to make their dream life their reality.


My Life Philosophy:

"Listen to your inner voice, the courageous one, the one that knows that you have it in you. Go after it with all you have. Don't worry about what others will say of it, for only the one's who never had the courage to follow their inner voice are the one's that will judge you for following yours. Never hold back because of fear of failing. The only way you can ever really fail is by not having tried, that's the only thing you will ever regret in life. Understanding that makes the decision clear; just go for it! Challenge yourself for growth. Be a leader in this world. When you follow your passions and put in the work for excellence; the sky is the limit and life is magical.